By making your horse and equipment too much hassle for a potential thief, you could prevent yourself becoming a victim of a crime.

It is worth bearing in mind that the majority of the horses believed stolen are found in nearby fields because they have escaped/been let out so regular checks, fence maintenance and locks are important.

The following advice has been given by the Dorset Crime Prevention Advisor, Debbie Oldfield.


-  Regularly check your fences, hedges and gates for damage and repair as soon as possible.

-  Turn gate hinges upside down and weld if necessary so gates cannot be lifted off the hinges.

-  Ensure gates are locked and use good quality padlocks and chains.

-  If possible restrict the number of gates you use.

For further security advice please contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101 or if you live in Dorset you can contact your local Crime Prevention Advisor, Debbie Oldfield at


Since 1 July 2009 all foals have to be microchipped by law.  Whilst it is a great way to identify a horse, it is not a visual marker.  Freeze branding is a permanent mark that is obvious and therefore a great deterrent to potential thieves.