Missing/Stolen Horse......What to do now

Suggestions on possible actions if your horse is stolen:

  • Check the fence perimeter for holes
  • Check that your horse hasn't escaped and visited the neighbours.  Check Hedges, ditches, water courses in the area etc.  It is rare for a horse to be stolen but relatively common for them to escape or be let out of a field.
  • Phone the Police - Get a crime number as it is important for getting your details onto the Stolen Horse Register.  Ask to be contacted by your Horse Watch Cordinator
  • Gather paperwork (passport/freezebranding & microchipping info) and get a good set of photos. If possible put together a collage of photos with information
  • Stolen Horse Register (you will need a crime number)complete form and send with your photo.  StolenHorseRegisterQformUK.doc (87552)
  • Contact your insurance Company
  • UK Horsewatch Alliance
  • Trading Standards
  •  Ports  
  • Breed Society - Inform them the horse is missing so if they receive any transfer of ownership documentation they know not to process.  They can also help spread the word.
  • Auctions 
  • Slaughter Houses 
  • Horse Fairs 
  • Vets
  • Hunts 
  • Farriers
  • Local Riding Clubs
  • Posters in your local shops
  • Horse Dealers
  • Animal Rescue Centres
  • The internet can be an extremely useful tool in spreading the word: 
  •     Forums: The Tracing Equines website has a list of the forums with stolen and missing sections.
  •     Facebook Groups: You can create your own and get people to join. 
  •     Horse Watch (some counties have a facebook site) 
  •     Advertising: Preloved
  • Media: Local Radio stations Local paper Local Riding magazines If there is a lot of interest in the local media, you may find there is some National interest

Offering Rewards 

The offering of a reward may seem like a good idea however careful consideration needs to be given. By giving money to someone who may have taken your horse, you are giving them good reason to go and do the same with another. A thank you for helping is different from having to buy your horse back.



The posters created for missing horse Spirit show examples of what can be done with decent photos to show distinguishing marks.

They include pictures of a scar and different angles.  Details of the horse were also included.  This was only possible because the owner had photographs.